Save 20% on A Taste of Cambodia Food Adventure Tour

By Sean Moroney|August 30, 2017|Uncategorized|0 comments

Save 20% on  A Taste of Cambodia Tour Want to save $399 as you live like a local on this 14 day food adventure through the Kingdom of Cambodia? Fall in love with this amazing and special country, and make some wonderful new Khmer friends. Wonder in awe of the magical ancient temples of Angkor. Tantalise and surprise your taste buds with delicious street food, authentic cooking classes, local food market

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Battambang’s Traditional Livelihoods

By Sean Moroney|July 7, 2017|Food Tours|0 comments

Battambang is the rice belt of Cambodia and although there are many rice growers in the region plenty of other locals use rice to produce consumables to sell as a way to make an income. I wanted to find out what kind of foodstuffs are being produced and the processes they use make them. What better way to find out than taking a bicycle tour through the countryside to check

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Pepper & Spice & All Things Nice

By Sean Moroney|June 29, 2017|Food Tours|1 comments

A Taste of Kampot. Some of the best pepper in the world is grown here, but Kampot is also famous for its durian fruit, and it also produces ten’s of thousands of tonnes of sea salt each year. This once sleepy town, near the coast of Cambodia, is waking up to the potential of the tourist dollar and it’s easy to see why. There is plenty to see and do

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Live Like a Local – Eat Like a Local.

By Sean Moroney|June 23, 2017|Food Tours|0 comments

Street Food in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Let’s face it, Cambodia has some pretty funky culinary delicacies, and up until now I haven’t been particularly game to partake in many of them. However, I had made the decision that on this trip I was going all in, and by all in I meant, maybe I’ll try a deep fried cricket. Definitely no tarantulas and never in my lifetime would I eat

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Food Fit For A Kingdom

By Sean Moroney|June 14, 2017|World Cuisines|0 comments

An Insight Into Cambodian Cuisine The Kingdom of Cambodia is one of my favourite destinations in the world and one of the things that makes this awesome country so great is the people. The Khmer are some of the loveliest people I have met in my travels, despite the atrocities committed against them by the Pol Pot regime. A dark time in the more recent past of this country which

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A Taste Of Cambodia

By Sean Moroney|June 6, 2017|Food Tours|0 comments

Food Adventure Tour, 11th November 2017. Taste Travel Food Adventure Tours takes you on the most extraordinary culinary journeys around the world. What makes these trips so special is that every hotel, cooking class, street food stall, in fact every detail, has been handpicked to be included. I have actually been there before and everything has been tried and tested, and tasted, by me. Each tour is tailored to feature

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Empowering Women Through Food

By Sean Moroney|March 20, 2017|Cooking Classes|0 comments

Amal Restaurant and Training Center for Women. Amal is a non-profit organisation in Marrakech which is dedicated to empowering disadvantaged women. It provides a safe and environment where these women gain skills in cooking, serving and communications skills, and provides real work experience. They are provided with 6 months of training and a small wage, after which they are placed in stable employment so that they can become financially independent.

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Catch Of The Day

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How You Can B.Y.O @ Essaouira. The laid back seaport town of Essaouira, on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, was somewhat of a hippie hangout in the 1960's and still today you can see Rastafarians around town. The popular Gnaoua World Music Festival is held each year and many films and television shows have been filmed in Essaouira, including Orson Wells' "Othello" and more recently, Game of Thrones. One of the

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Rocking The Kazbah

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A Cooking Class in Fez Medina This popular Moroccan dish, from Spanish origin, is usually made and served for special occasions, such as weddings. It is basically a pie which is both sweet and savoury and highly spiced with cinnamon and other spices. Originally squab (pigeon) was used in the filling, however, these days it it most commonly made with chicken. The chicken is cooked in cinnamon, sugar, lots of

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Getting Back to Basics – Morocco’s Ancient History

By Sean Moroney|March 13, 2017|Uncategorized|0 comments

Moulay Idriss is an ancient village set upon the side of a hill in northern Morocco, near Meknes, and was once the capital of the country. It is famous for its namesake, Moulay Idriss, grandson of Mohammed, who brought Islam to Morocco back in the 789. Since his death the town has become an important pilgrimage site for Moroccans and until very recent years non-muslims were unable to visit here.

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