Food has always been a big part of my life and a huge part of my travels. I love to cook and I love to eat and I love to share my love of cooking with others. I love learning about the food of different countries and regions and I run cooking classes at home to teach people the dishes I have learned to cook while travelling.

One of the things  that I find fascinating are the unusual things that people eat in different countries and I try to be more adventurous each time I travel. Keeping an open mind is key and I discovered I really love pig's ears. Really! They are tasty and delicious and I love the philosophy of eating something head to toe.

In Asia, nothing is wasted and I have come to realise how much we often waste in the western world, definitely  in Australia where I live anyway. Even when it comes to vegetables, we normally only eat what the plant produces, for example zucchini. However, often part or all of the actual plant can also be consumed and is often just as delicious.


Food Adventures come in all shapes and sizes when you are travelling, from that perfect cup of coffee enjoyed in a tucked away cafe to the best meal you ever ate in a swanky city restaurant. Some other fun ways to have a great food experience while travelling include taking a cooking class, eating street food, and checking out the local food markets. Apart from all the delicous food you get to eat when on holiday another bonus is that you don't have to wash any dishes! To read more about the different food experiences you can enjoy click on the links below.


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